About Us

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Vision Statement

  • At Laurel Ridge Elementary School, our vision is to strive for inclusion and compassion for all, resilience and perseverance in learning, and empowerment of the individual.

Mission Statement

  • At Laurel Ridge Elementary School, our mission is to work collaboratively with families and students to foster curiosity, promote global learners, and provide a safe school culture for each child.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • We believe that high-quality instruction results in positive student achievement.

  • Our school is a community of learners sharing ideas, experiences, and unique talents.

  • We believe that students learn best when they feel valued, safe, and respected.

  • Learning, in general, is a life-long dynamic that is unique to each individual.

  • Learning is a life-long process and everyone can learn in different ways. We believe that a safe and engaging learning environment is necessary to take risks and to gain success.

  • We believe collaboration is essential to learning and growth. Collaboration operates best among people who respect and value each other and have a common goal.

  • Collaboration is being accountable for sharing and listening.

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

Laurel Ridge ES is part of Region 4

Fairfax County Public Schools